7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

    21st October 2016

    7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home


    I was recently invited to attend the Living etc. House Tours with ao. This involved exploring some of SW3’s most stylish homes and gardens. A real treat for a snooper like me! I enjoyed looking at the trinkets and treasures and trying to work out who lived in each home. Today I’m sharing a few of the photographs I took alongside seven simple ways to add a little character and personality to your home.

    7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home


    Antiques, vintage trinkets and retro knick-knacks are the quickest and easiest way to give a room a personality. Unique, unusual and quirky gems can be picked up from car boot sales, charity shops, antique centres, Gumtree, eBay and Etsy. When browsing consider what era you’re searching for and the size and colour you require. You don’t want to end up with something that’s too big or doesn’t suit your colour scheme. And of course, always buy something you love and makes you smile.


    Think of lighting not only as a way to illuminate a room but also as an object of beauty. There are so many stunning lamps available ranging from traditional freestanding to contemporary desk lamps. It’s always worth investing in a classic statement lamp because it will stand the test of time.


    Having always painted I don’t see art as an expensive luxury. You can snap up beautiful prints and original artwork from Etsy and if you pop along to a local college or university degree show you will find countless artworks for sale. And support a student in the process! Failing that there’s nothing stopping you painting a masterpiece of your own!

    7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home


    Feature walls are great because they give a room a focal point and because they don’t require too much effort they’re relatively easy to change. After all, it’s easier to switch up a wall than an entire room! Feature walls may involve paint, wallpaper or anything that draws the eye to a particular area of the room. If you’re feeling brave you could even create a mural!


    Another simple way to inject a little life into a room is by displaying a collection. This could be a collection of photos or prints, a cluster of objects etc. So whether you’re drawn to 1970’s Murano glass or Dinky toys why not release them from the cupboards for everyone to enjoy.


    Introducing textures is the perfect way to add a little interest to a room. Consider fur, wool, linen and also try smooth surfaces like copper, marble or concrete. You don’t need to spend a fortune, just a lambskin throw, copper tray or marble trinket would work beautifully. They’ll also give the room a more contemporary feel.

    7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home


    Whether you like large palms or tiny cacti, there’s no denying that houseplants add a little life to a room. Not only do they look great, they have the added benefit of improving air quality. And when you’re stuck indoors over the winter months they help bring a little of the outdoors in. Nature’s loveable housemates!

    If you fancy snooping around a few more London homes then pop over to Living etc House Tours. I hope you have a wonderful day.


    How do you inject your personality into your home? I’d love you to share in the comments!

    7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

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    7 Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

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