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    5 Everyday Rituals For a Calm and Mindful Day

    28th September 2016

    5 Everyday Rituals For a Calm and Mindful Day |


    Every day I learn something new about myself and since working freelance, it’s become clear I’m a creature of habit. As much as I love adventures and trying new things, the core of my life needs routine or I begin to feel lethargic and a little lost. So today I’m sharing five everyday rituals that help me create a calm and mindful day.

    5 Everyday Rituals for a Calm and Mindful Day |


    To make sure I feel awake, motivated and full of energy I get up and go to bed at regular times each day. It’s a little dull I know, but I feel amazing when I have the same amount of sleep each night. I also swim two mornings a week and walk on the days in between. There are some weeks when my routine falls by the wayside but for the most part, I try to keep things on track.


    I started meditating using the Headspace app in December 2014 and now I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s one of the most important 20 minutes of my day because it enables me to stop, relax and look inward. I enjoy the quiet time and it sets the tone for a calmer day. I’ve also been trying progressive muscle relaxation tutorials on YouTube. Which are great to fully relax my body and move my attention away from my busy mind. Further reading: 6 things I gained from a year of mindfulness and meditation.

    5 Everyday Rituals for a Calm and Mindful Day |


    One of my favourite rituals is making tea. The process takes me away from my desk and enables me to fully focus on the important task of tea making! Waiting for it to brew forces me to pause and reflect. And watching a Jing flowering tea unfold is a real treat!


    I walk as often as I can and I’m pretty certain the activity has healing powers! Walking calms my mind and gets my body moving. And if I’m upset or worried it helps me to gain some perspective. I love exploring the streets I’ve never visited and generally picking up new ideas. Power walking with a motivational podcast is a great way to end my working day.

    5 Everyday Rituals For a Calm and Mindful Day


    I don’t watch very much television* because I prefer reading or listening to the radio and podcasts. Where possible I like to switch off my technology at 9pm so I can immerse myself in a book or magazine. I find reading extremely calming and it slows my mind helping me to unwind. Just to add, I have two features in issue two of Breathe. A beautiful magazine focusing on wellbeing, mindfulness and creativity.

    *I’ve just started watching Gilmore Girls so this may change!


    So there you have it. I’m pretty boring, really. I like the simple pleasures because they make me feel happy and content. And when my life gets busy these activities help to ground me.

    Do you have any everyday rituals?

    5 Everyday Rituals for a Calm and Mindful Day |

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    5 Everyday Rituals For a Calm and Mindful Day

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