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Snapshots of January 2016

5th February 2016

January 2016

1. Pink shutters on a grey January day. 2. One of my favourite kitsch deer. 3. A beautiful Pashley bike on Turl Street. 4. An afternoon of browsing in Hereford. 5. The world needs more snowdrops in terracotta pots. 6. A rainy Wednesday and fuchsia pink roses. 7. Loving my new rose gold iPhone. 8. Front door perfection in Chelsea. 9. A cheeky sale purchase, don’t tell anyone.

January 2016

1. A perfect wreath on a perfectly crooked front door. 2. Cheering up Blue Monday with a stunt strawberry. 3. I love everything about this quaint Oxford house. 4. A few bits and bobs and a simple happy list for 2016. 5. Great Tuesdays are made of Boden Breton stripes and shoes with stripy bows. 6. My Rifle Paper Co. calendar is almost too pretty to write on. 7. I was tempted to knock on the door to compliment them on their paint choices. 8. A corner of my office. 9. The most photographed florist in London.

January 2016

1. Sharing eight ways to ease the January blues. 2. One for window box Wednesday. 3. My new Smeg and some easy steps for decluttering your kitchen. 4. My first photograph of 2016 taken in Bromyard, Herefordshire. 5. Discovering a stunning forest just 20 minutes drive away. 6. This little Bambi was a Christmas gift from my man, I think he’s awesome, the deer is pretty cool too. 7. Weekend things. 8. Sharing a few tips to be present and live in the moment. 9. Spotting a girl wearing a vintage tweed coat I donated to Cancer Research.


I started January at Hogwarts which consisted of watching all the Harry Potter films and attending the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It was fun and I wanted to buy the Gryffindor House uniform but thought better of it.

I saw the band Daughter when they played the Oxford O2 and made sure I caught up with as many friends as possible. The cascade of celebrity deaths was really sad and it motivated me to donate a couple of bags to Cancer Research and offer to do some voluntary work. I’m really looking forward to helping others and I’m certain the experience will inspire me creatively.

I hope you had a wonderful January and February is bubbling along nicely. If you’d like to catch my onward journey I’ll see you over on Instagram. Have a fabulously gorgeous day!

And finally, a little thank you to Nuffnang, Mollie MakesBoden and First Site Guide for the recent Candy Pop mentions, it’s always appreciated.

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How to Create a Tranquil Bedroom + The Leesa Mattress

3rd February 2016

A Tranquil Bedroom


I love my bedroom to feel like the most heavenly place on earth, somewhere I can melt away my worries at the end of a busy day. So today I’m sharing a few tips to create a calm bedroom, one that feels like waking up in a luxurious boutique hotel.



In order to fully relax and unwind, it’s vital to choose a colour scheme that calms you. Whether you’re drawn to the blues of the ocean, the warm tones of autumn or the greens of a forest it’s important to select colours that make you feel safe and at ease.


We all spend a lot of time asleep and so it’s wise to have a good bed, mattress and bedding. I have a classic wood bed and I replace my mattress and bedding when I feel they need updating. I always invest in the very best I can afford because having a comfortable place to sleep makes life feel great.


A calm bedroom is achieved by keeping the displays fairly minimal. I tend to think of how I feel when I go to a spa and I try to recreate the same tranquil feeling in my bedroom. If you love bits and bobs maybe try to keep them in certain areas, for example, one wall of pictures and a dressing table or display case with your trinkets. When I was a collector I found my things looked better when they were grouped together.


The final thing to consider is adding a calming aroma with scented candles, reed diffusers, oils or pomanders. I love lavender and so I always have lavender bags and oils. I also have a couple of leafy plants to improve the air quality.

A Tranquil Bedroom


Before Christmas I was approached by the US foam mattress company Leesa who claim if you’re not sleeping better on a Leesa within 100 nights, they will donate your mattress and provide a full refund. I was intrigued by this bold statement and wondered if better sleep was within my grasp, especially due to suffering from recent back pain. 

After further reading, I was impressed to hear that Leesa plant a tree for every mattress sold and donate a mattress for every ten sold (they recently donated 300 mattresses to the Bowery Mission, New York). I’m always happy to support companies who are doing their best to give back and so decided to accept their kind offer and give the Leesa mattress a try.

A Tranquil Bedroom
A Tranquil Bedroom


After a quick online order, the Leesa arrived in a small box roughly 34cm x 34cm x 109cm. I was slightly puzzled by this and once I removed the rolled up mattress, made up of three layers (12 cm core support, 5cm contouring foam, 5cm cooling foam), it quickly inflated like something you might see on Inspector Gadget. Definitely the mattress of a superhero! 

Two weeks in and I couldn’t be any happier, I haven’t suffered any further back pain and it’s quite possibly the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. At first, I was a little wary because I’ve only ever slept on a traditional sprung mattress but it’s firm and feels really luxurious. I love the even surface free of buttons or springs, great for sleep and even better for tea in bed with a good book. The only issue now is I don’t want to get out of bed!

If you’re thinking about investing in a new mattress Leesa are offering readers of Candy Pop a £50 discount.

A Tranquil Bedroom
A Tranquil Bedroom

This post is in collaboration with Leesa.

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How To Declutter Your Kitchen In 5 Easy Steps

26th January 2016

Declutter Your Kitchen


A clutter-free kitchen means less time looking for things or tidying up, it also looks clean, calm and spacious. Words I like to associate with somewhere I’m preparing food. The kitchen in my previous home was full of vintage collectables and although I enjoyed being surrounded by cute things it was a nightmare to cook in and to keep clean.

Nowadays my kitchen is simple, minimal and a joy to cook in. So today I’m sharing my 5 easy steps for tackling a cluttered kitchen. Before you start I would suggest clearing your surfaces and having some boxes and bin bags to hand. You may wish to label the boxes / bags: rubbish, donate and sell, and if your kitchen is extremely cluttered I’d advise you to spread this task over a few days. It will be worth the effort, trust me.


1. Food

Take all the food out of your cupboards and wipe down the insides. Replace everything in an organised way, removing the out of date items and anything you no longer use. I recommend repeating this exercise with your fridge and freezer.

2. Mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons etc.

Once again remove everything and consider the size of your family and how many people you entertain at any given time and use this number as a guide. I have between six and eight of each item and if I ever require more I would simply borrow them.

3. Pots, pans, cooking utensils, roasting tins etc.

Remove duplicates and the things you haven’t used in the last year. When I tipped everything onto my worktop I noticed I had 2 tin openers, 3 bottle openers, 2 ladles, 7 roasting tins and so on. Once I’d disposed of the excess I found everything had a place and was easy to locate.

4. Kitchen appliances

Collect together the unused gadgets, unwanted Christmas gifts, random things you thought were a good idea etc. If you don’t use them now the chances are you never will so kindly bid them farewell.

5. Final touches

Clear everything off your worktops and simply display the items you regularly use. For me, it’s a kettle, tea and coffee, a toaster, chopping board and a radio. The only other things I have on display are herbs and houseplants. With all the excess clutter gone there should be a little more storage space in your cupboards for anything that needs hiding away.

Declutter Your Kitchen


After 11 happy years with a pink Smeg fridge, I’m completely thrilled with my new addition. My pink Smeg ended up living in 3 properties and so it took a while to decide on a new colour, I figured mint is fresh, classic, cheerful and fairly grown-up, after all, it could potentially take me into my fifties!

My passion for Smeg began when I worked at Selfridges and one of the window displays consisted of a row of pastel fridges. It was love at first sight and I promised myself I’d have one when I bought my first home. Back then I had to wait weeks for my order and so I was pleased to have my new addition within 3 days and just before Christmas, thank you AO for the excellent service.

If you’re planning a kitchen declutter I wish you the best of luck!

Declutter Your KitchenDeclutter Your Kitchen
Declutter Your Kitchen