10 Things To Do In Chelsea + London Fashion Weekend

6th October 2015

Things To Do In Chelsea

I was recently back in Chelsea where I lived for 4 years during my late 20’s. I was there to attend London Fashion Weekend as a guest of Carpetright who furnished the event.

London Fashion Weekend follows London Fashion Week and consists of a large scale pop-up shop complete with inspiring catwalk shows and talks. Myself and 4 fellow bloggers (Lucy, Geraldine, Susie and Jesse) were treated to lunch at Beaufort House and a front row seat at the Peter Polotto catwalk show. The sun was out and Chelsea was full of fashionistas. Not a bad way to spend a Friday.


Being back in Chelsea gave me the opportunity to revisit the places I know and love, and so I thought I’d share a few favourites.

Here are 10 fabulous things to do in Chelsea.

1. Enjoy the pastel houses on Bywater Street, one of the most photographed residential streets in London.

2. Wander around the stylish Conran Shop.

3. Relax on one of the benches on Chelsea Green, something I used to do when my clothes were in the laundrette. Oh, the glamour!

4. Marvel at the latest contemporary art exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery.

5. Visit the delightful Chelsea Gardener, which has an amazing selection of succulents and cacti.

6. Have lunch at the Bluebird and if the weather is good sit outside and enjoy the King’s Road.

7. Drift down to the delightful Albert Bridge. It’s my favourite bridge on the Thames, especially by night.

8. Take the weight off your feet by indulging in a cuppa and a cake in Peter Jones, with a view over Sloane Square.

9. Browse the charity shops, trust me when I say you’ll find something fabulous. It’s Chelsea after all, darling!

10. Walk to World’s End and Vivienne Westwood’s historic shop of the same name.


Thank you Carpetright for an inspiring afternoon.

Do you ever spend time in Chelsea?

My Home Nature Indoors

8 Tips For Taking Care Of Succulents

2nd October 2015

care of succulents


All indoor plants grow successfully outdoors somewhere in the world. To make them content in your home, it is useful to find out where they flourish naturally and the climatic conditions they enjoy. You must then do your best to replicate those conditions in your home. However, a full-scale desert installation may be taking things a little too far.

Succulents evolved in the dry semi-desert areas of the world. They have fleshy leaves which enable them to store water and survive periods with little and no rain. They are well suited to modern centrally heated homes, and let’s face it they look gorgeous!

1. Light

Some sunshine is vital so a window sill is a good location. South facing would be ideal. I once read that succulents can burn in direct sunlight, but mine have thrived on my south facing window sill all summer long. Some have even doubled in size. Hello, triffids!

2. Water

Water from spring to autumn and allow the soil to almost dry out between watering. In the winter water every 1 or 2 months. I over watered one of mine and noticed two of the leaves turn yellow. In true plant SOS style, I put a piece of kitchen roll under the pot to drain the excess water and repeated until dry. The yellow leaves dried up and dropped off and the plant is now as good as new.

3. Ventilation

Plants love fresh air and a calm breeze so do open your windows on hot days. I’m pretty certain they also like the movement of people and the vibrations of music. I always like to make sure my succulents aren’t getting lonely and I treat them to the very best rock music.

4. Feed

To flourish and stay healthy succulents need to be fed. Apply a liquid fertiliser and follow the recommended quantity on the bottle.

care of succulents
care of succulents

5. Shine

Succulents may need occasional cleaning as dust accumulates on the leaves. Use a damp cloth or, for the smaller plants, a wet cotton bud.

6. Repot

You should repot succulents as soon as the roots reach the sides of the pot or grow out of the bottom. This is usually every 2 or 3 years. A sandy, gritty compost is required to replicate the arid conditions they’re accustomed to.

7. Display

There are many ways to display succulents, from groups in individual pots to dish gardens. Miniature gardens of succulents in varying colours, textures and heights look delightful. And if you live in an apartment like me it enables you to enjoy a spot of gardening in your own home.

8. Admire

While admiring your pretty plants, it’s good to monitor their appearance. If they’re looking a bit sad or the leaves are turning yellow look at where they’re positioned and how much or little water you’re giving them.

Enjoy your plants. They are inexpensive to buy and will give you endless joy.

care of succulents

For those who like to indulge, here are some more house plants.

Do you have any succulents?

A Year Of Moments

A Year of Moments with Candy Pop and Lobster & Swan ~ October

1st October 2015


Welcome to October and the tenth month of A Year of Moments, a monthly collaboration with the lovely Jeska of Lobster and Swan.

October is all about nesting and gathering as we settle in for the winter months. I like to spend my time exploring the wild and enjoying the changes in colour. This often involves returning home with a pocket full of autumn leaves, acorns and conkers – I am that child!

So for October we hope you will enjoy taking photographs to illustrate the theme gather. To play along, all you need to do is upload your photograph to Instagram including the hashtag: ayearofmoments_gather, along with mine and Jeska’s user names. We will share a few favourites on our blogs and Instagram feeds at the end of the month.

For my image, I grouped some fallen leaves and fir cones with a few items currently on my desk. I especially love The Life of Charlotte Bronte book printed in 1941 which came complete with notes. The Pre-Raphaelite Dream dates back to 1943 and includes the most exquisite images. I adore old books and often wonder where they’ve travelled, or how many bookcases they’ve lived on.

A Year of Moments Gather
Found books and seasonal gatherings have inspired both our photographs this month. This wasn’t planned, just a happy coincidence! I love the beautiful light and shadows on Jeska’s newly painted floor, it highlights her autumnal coloured blanket, book and snippets from her garden. Her ever present piece of lace has been used as a bookmark.

Here are a few favourites from September where the theme was inspire. Thank you so much for joining in you have made 2015 a magical year. So, clockwise from top left we have sarahcrozierhat, mouseblossom, harryandfrank, sarahehemsley, sarahnotes, foundandsewn, allenandbear, silverpebble2 and in the centre, janiceissitt_life_style.

A Year of Moments September
My year of moments can be viewed here and if you’re looking for some autumn inspiration then look no further. I hope you have a beautifully gathered October and I look forward to seeing you on Instagram.

What do you love about October?