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    How To Create A Productive Workspace

    24th May 2016

    Create A Productive Workspace


    If you have an office-based job then you’ll no doubt spend the majority of your week sat at a desk. With this in mind, it’s good to make your workspace an inspiring and comfortable place to be. One that aids productivity and is kind to your body and mind.

    Having spent years in retail management I’ve had more than my fair share of small and gloomy basement offices and I pride myself on being able to make the tiniest of broom cupboards – or lightbulb cupboard as was the case at Modern Art Oxford – into a haven of calm! So here are a few of my tips for creating a productive workspace.

    Create A Productive Workspace
    Create A Productive Workspace


    As a former health and safety manager (I can hear your eyes rolling), I can thoroughly recommend the importance of good desk ergonomics. It’s worth taking a little time to ensure your desk, chair and screen are at the recommended heights. And if you find you’re suffering from aches and pains do stop and consider your set-up and working practice.


    Light is important because it stops us feeling sleepy and is kind to our eyes. A desk near a window works well but if this is not possible then investing in a desk lamp is money well spent. My desk is by the window and I have sheer blinds to block out the sunlight and a desk lamp for the darker days. I’m always prepared for the changes in light and weather!


    It’s nice to personalise your desk and office space with the things that inspire you. I love to have a favourite image on my computer desktop and there are always a few things dotted around that make me smile. I also find burning a fresh and zesty scented candle keeps me going when I hit the mid-afternoon lull.


    This one varies between people. Some like to be surrounded by the things they’re working on or that inspire them, while others prefer a calm clutter-free space. If you thrive in a calm environment then decluttering is of enormous value. I tend to clear my office at the end of each working week. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates when I’m busy.


    I enjoy being surrounded by greenery and so I’ve always have a plant or two on my desk. Houseplants improve air quality and they make great work colleagues because they’re always supportive and never answer back!


    I’ve always tidied my desk at the end of each day because I love to start the morning clear of yesterday’s mess. A clear space can feel like a fresh start which can motivate and inspire. It’s like a blank canvas ready for a new day of growth and creatively.

    Create A Productive Workspace
    Create A Productive Workspace


    I was recently approached by Harveys Furniture to share my home office as part of their hardworking havens campaign. Hardworking havens celebrates how people are making their spare rooms work harder and after recently sharing my home office / guest bedroom makeover and a few tips on utilising space I was delighted to take part. You can read the full post on the Harveys blog.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a gorgeous day!

    Create A Productive Workspace
    Create A Productive Workspace

    This post is in collaboration with Harveys.

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