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    The Benefits of a Month or Season of Rest

    19th August 2016

    The Benefits of a Month or Season of Rest |


    Everyone needs to take a break. And after 11 months of work or hustle, as it seems to be referred to, I decided to make August a month of rest. It’s tricky when you work freelance to take a step back. After all, who will pay the bills and keep up with the relentless inbox? But with some careful planning and simplifying it is possible. So today I’m talking about the benefits of a month or season of rest. One that makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to jump into the next stage of your life.

    The Benefits of a Month or Season of Rest |


    Stopping to evaluate is a great practice to get into. Many of us find we’re so busy we get lost under all our habits, routines and commitments. Taking a step back enables us to assess what is adding value and what is not. And with a little careful pruning, we can remove the time-wasters making space for the things that bring us the greatest joy.


    When we slow down we can look at our goals and dreams to ensure we’re on track. And if we’re not sure what we want from life it can give us the space to think. Our life goal might be as simple as working less. And by taking a little time out we can plan how to get there. Making sure we don’t get swept away by the daily grind.


    They really do, trust me! When we switch off the noise of the online world and strip our lives down to the essentials, we can truly open our hearts to new ideas. I wholeheartedly feel inspiration needs space to grow and by giving ourselves permission to rest we can find inspiration in new ways. Everything is constantly moving and by stopping we can decide how we’d like to move forward. Without being swept away by what everyone else is doing.

    The Benefits of a Month or Season of Rest |


    Enjoying a slow month or season helps us get back to the basics. When you’re seeking a quieter time you’ll find yourself cutting back on the stuff you consume. This can include news updates, social media and all the things that can make us feel busy and eat away at our productivity. Going cold turkey on the time-wasters helps us to establish some control and achieve a healthier balance in our lives.


    Probably the most valuable thing from taking a step back is getting some much-needed rest. Rest can include reading, walking, sewing, painting and so on. Anything that enables us to be fully present in our bodies and minds. It’s good to exercise a little self-care away from the stresses of daily life. And you may even find you develop a new way to relax and unwind.


    After a brief hiatus, I’m feeling productive, inspired and excited about the road ahead. It has also given me time to get my pending jobs cleared, remove some clutter and get organised. It’s like preparing a blank canvas for the next stage of life. Sometimes it’s good to stop and assess before you move forward. And it’s always valuable to work smarter rather than harder!

    Do you ever take a month or season of rest? I’d love to know how it worked for you.

    The Benefits of a Month or Season of Rest |

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