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    8 Years of Candy Pop + 8 Blogging Tips

    21st July 2016

    8 Years of Candy Pop and 8 Blogging Tips |


    In June 2008 I created an account on Flickr called Candy Pop where I shared my daily photos and words. I fell in love with this form of microblogging and each evening I looked forward to posting snippets of my day. It wasn’t long before I wanted my own site and after a little research, I decided to take the plunge and start a blog.

    Eight years on, and I can’t imagine my life without a place to create and share. Candy Pop has enabled me to connect with like-minded folk and get my images and thoughts out into the world. So today I’m sharing 8 tips for anyone who’s new to blogging.


    Write about what you’re passionate about rather than what’s popular. You need to be motivated and driven to continually create content and this will be a hard task if you don’t love your subject. Your personality and passion are the things that will drive you and keep your readers coming back.


    Finding your voice can take time but if you enjoy what you’re doing and keep plugging away you’ll quickly find your niche and style. It’s probably not a good idea to mimic someone else’s work because it will hamper your creative growth and take the enjoyment out of producing something that’s from the heart.

    8 Years of Candy Pop and 8 Blogging Tips |


    It’s good to become familiar with what you’re prepared to share and what you aren’t. Fairly early on I established what I was comfortable with and I set some boundaries. Although I’m quite private I really respect people who share their stories, particularly when they benefit others. I think it’s sometimes wise to imagine how you’d feel if your mum, dad, friend, boss or a potential employer visited your blog!


    It’s valuable to be consistent across all online platforms because this will enable you to attract the right audience. If people like what they see on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram they should pretty much find a similar voice and images on your blog. That way you can create a strong message and online brand that’s easily recognisable and personal to you. And I recommend using the same name and profile image across all sites.

    8 Years of Candy Pop + 8 Blogging Tips |


    There will always be someone posting, sharing and achieving more than you. When I see people doing amazing things online I’m excited because it means the industry is growing and with it will come more opportunities. Never feel someone else’s success means there’s less for you and if someone is doing something great consider doing something else. It’s always better to take a different route because it will help you to stand out.


    Every now and then it’s wise to take a break from the noise of the internet. Unplugging can help us to connect with family, friends and the world around us and I believe our best ideas come when we’re offline and enjoying life.

    8 Years of Candy Pop and 8 Blogging Tips |


    When you’re feeling unmotivated it’s good to know how to get back on track. Whether it’s visiting a gallery, catching up with friends or getting into the wild, only you will know how to restore your mojo. When I feel my creativity has hit a slump I surround myself with the people and things that lift me. It’s normal to have quiet moments and it makes the productive times all the more magical. Try to enjoy the pauses because I believe that’s when we’re most open to new ideas and inspiration.


    My main focus for my blog is consistent, good quality content. I love blogging but I know I need time away in order to have something to share and so I usually post once a week. You’ll know what feels right for you and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself for blogging less frequently than others. I’ve never felt people have lost interest or I’ve received fewer opportunities because of it.

    And finally, thank you for following along. You make the internet a happy place to be!

    8 Years of Candy Pop and 8 Blogging Tips |

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