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    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants #UKHomeBlogHop

    30th May 2017

    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |


    Firstly, a big hello and welcome if you’ve just joined me from Melanie Lissack Interiors. I’m Natasha and on my blog, you’ll find inspiration on a range of subjects including interiors, simple living, creativity and self-care. If you’re seeking a calmer and simpler life, then you’ve come to the right place!

    Today I’m taking part in the #UKHomeBlogHop organised by the fabulous Kimberly of Swoon Worthy. The blog hop consists of five days of summer-inspired posts from some of the UK’s leading interior bloggers.

    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |

    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |


    The one thing that makes my home feel alive and summery all year round is houseplants. Even in the depths of winter, I can enjoy an abundance of greenery thanks to my leafy friends. Houseplants improve air quality and make loveable housemates and because I don’t have a garden, they enable me to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

    I just did a headcount and I have 58 houseplants – so, you could say I’m something of an addict! The problem is they seem to be sold everywhere, which means I can’t resist snapping up a new specimen or two when I’m out and about.

    So today I thought I’d share five of the plants that make my home feel summery. The kind you might find in a faraway holiday destination, which will have you reaching for a pina colada!

    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |


    I like to visit the palm house at the Oxford Botanic Garden as often as I can. There’s something about the size and sweeping leaf shape of the palm that I find fascinating. They’re also calming, especially when they’re blowing wistfully in a summer breeze. If you want to give a room an instantly tropical feel then you can’t go wrong with a palm. However, you do need a fair amount of space, my last one got so big I had to give it away!


    A cactus can make us think of hot sunny days and a sandy terrain. And because of their natural habitat, they tend to require little water making them fairly low maintenance. One way to display cacti is in a small group or planted in a dish garden. That way you can create your own desert oasis bringing a little sunshine to the greyest of days. Further reading: six tips for taking care of cacti.

    Monstera Deliciosa

    The monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant originated from the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico. As a child of the 1970s, I remember seeing many of these plants alongside a kitsch bar cart. It’s great to see they’re back in fashion and I always feel a little nostalgic when I see one. The Swiss cheese plant is fairly low-maintenance and with large shiny leaves and a wild and haphazard look it certainly conjures up feelings of distant places. After a couple of years, mine has doubled in size. A perfect specimen for my Oxford urban jungle!


    Many succulents come from the dryer areas of the world and like cacti, they look fairly exotic! I’ve found they can be tricky to look after but when monitored closely you can gauge how much light and water they need. There are so many different varieties that once you get bitten by the succulent bug it’s very hard to stop collecting! Further reading: eight tips for taking care of succulents.

    Yucca or Madagascar Dragon Tree

    If you’d like an easy-care plant that looks like a palm tree then a yucca or madagascar dragon tree is a great choice. I’ve had both species and they always seem to thrive no matter where they’re displayed. Tropical looking houseplants add character and charm to any room. Further reading: three simple ways to style your houseplants.

    And finally, the best thing about houseplants is they’re inexpensive to buy and will give you endless joy!

    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |
    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |


    Here’s the full list of bloggers taking part in the summer blog hop. If you fancy a little snoop around some homes and gardens, do follow the links when they go live. The next blogger to visit is the super stylish Sarah Akwisombe. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a gorgeous day!

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    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |
    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |

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    Make Every Day Feel Like Summer with Houseplants |

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