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Seasonal Pastimes

  • Easter
    Seasonal Pastimes

    50 Fun Things To Do At Easter

    EASTER CHEER I adore the Easter holidays because they fall in my favourite season. Taking time off when it’s lighter and warmer definitely lifts my spirits and I enjoy catching up with my family,…

    23rd March 2016
  • Seasonal Pastimes

    10 Summer Pastimes

    It’s the time for long hazy days, warm sunshine, packing for the holidays, ice cold drinks, sun cream, freckles, pretty dresses, sandals, crisp blue skies and the smell of cut grass. I adore the…

    24th July 2015
  • Seasonal Pastimes

    10 Spring Pastimes

    SPRING PASTIMES Spring is by far my favourite season. Everything feels fresh and new, and the lighter, warmer evenings make each day seem a little longer. In recent weeks, I’ve spent time in York,…

    27th April 2015
  • Seasonal Pastimes

    10 Winter Pastimes

    Hot porridge, frozen puddles, twinkly dew, misty mornings and the comforting smell of a coal fire are just a few things I associate with winter. Although I’m more of a summer girl I always…

    19th December 2014
  • Seasonal Pastimes

    10 Autumn Pastimes

    THE JOY OF AUTUMN Autumn is about collecting conkers, carving pumpkins, walking through fallen leaves and writing my name with a sparkler. There is something quite magical about the anticipation of change and here are a few things…

    10th October 2014