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Coaching |

‘By developing the ability to explore and be curious about our own experience and actions, we suddenly open up the possibilities of purposeful learning – derived not from books or experts, but from our work and our lives.’

Joy Amulya


Coaching |

If you’d like to create some space to move forward with strength and confidence then I would love to support you. I can help you to build a bridge between where you are now and where you’d like to be, creating a strong foundation and formulating a plan of achievable steps.

As your coach, I can support you in uncovering your path, gaining clarity and moving closer to your aspirations, dreams and goals. Through purposeful and skilful coaching, you will gain a clearer sense of what matters, enabling you to set out on a journey of personal growth and discovery.

One-to-one coaching is a wonderful investment, it highlights your potential and its impact can be felt long after the sessions are complete. You have all the answers and you hold the power to create the life that you desire, and as your coach, I can help you to get there.

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Susan Earlam

‘Having the dedicated time and input just for me and my goals has literally been life-changing.’

With the help of Natasha and a rekindled, insatiable reading appetite I found myself on a pathway that had laid dormant for many years. The empathy and curiosity that Natasha demonstrates within the sessions are genuine and heartfelt and I feel incredibly lucky to have been one of her clients. I believe that I would’ve reached the point I’m at now myself, but it would’ve taken me years, not months. Having the dedicated time and input just for me and my goals has literally been life-changing. I feel I have a head start on what I want to do, and crucially a clearer picture of how that will look and feel.

Susan Earlam, Blogger, Writer, Photographer and Interiors Stylist at Old Fashioned Susie


Mark Clay

‘She has enabled me to unlock the entrepreneur within me.’

I have benefitted enormously from my sessions of coaching with Natasha as I establish a brand-new career direction as a freelance artist/illustrator and set up a business. Natasha has given me an invaluable space to develop, evaluate and implement my emerging plans as well as a wealth of her own professional knowledge and experience. She has enabled me to unlock the entrepreneur within me, and to tread the fine line between having clear plans to give me clarity and purpose and, on the other hand, the space to follow my instincts and be open to new ideas and opportunities.

Mark Clay, Artist and Illustrator at MRC Studio


Rosie Jacobs

‘Natasha’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals.’

This year has been a pivotal one for both my businesses, and Natasha’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and set me on a path which has already begun to unearth rewards. Having reached a time of expansion in both businesses, Natasha’s calm and objective approach helped me map out the possibilities for both brands, prioritise action points and create a distinction between the businesses that has been invaluable in moving them both forwards. Her skill at working with people to bring out their best, and expert questioning, has given me the confidence to embrace and implement this exciting new time for both brands.

Rosie Jacobs, Co-Founder of Independent Oxford and Owner of A Rosie Life


Catherine Kernot

‘I feel back in control of my career.’

Being coached by Natasha has been a real turning point for me. Working with her has helped me to find clarity about what I want to achieve and create a practical plan to make it happen. Following a career break I had found myself floundering – keen to take my professional life in a new direction but overwhelmed by the possibilities. After six sessions with Natasha I feel back in control of my career. Her calm, positive approach and her knack of asking just the right questions has enabled me to untangle my options and move forward with confidence.

Catherine Kernot, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at Context Social


Jacqui Thorndyke

‘I went into the meeting with a head full of ‘to do’ lists and a flurry of project ideas, and came out with focus and direction.’

I found my coaching session with Natasha to be a really positive experience. I went into the meeting with a head full of ‘to do’ lists and a flurry of project ideas, and came out with focus and direction. Over the next weeks and months, I will be putting a plan into practice and am excited to see where it leads. Natasha’s coaching style is very supportive, helping you lead yourself in the right direction, mentally decluttering as you go. Her experience with the blogging community also helped me to benchmark and value our own offering.

Jacqui Thorndyke, Partner and Co-Founder of Bitten Oxford and Bitten Street



Lizzie Owen
‘She helped me enormously because she’s grounded and empathetic.’

Natasha is such a natural at making others feel better about where they are in life and guiding them towards an awesome future. She helped me enormously because she’s grounded and empathetic in a way that made me feel everything is going to be alright.

Lizzie Owen, Lifestyle PR, Illustrator and Blogger at Mummy in Manolos