Five Simple Home Display Tips

21st August 2015

5 Home Display Tips | Home Display Tips |
5 Home Display Tips | Home Display Tips |
5 Home Display Tips | Home Display Tips |


I’m often changing my home displays, you could say it is something of an addiction. As a child, my mum – a former window dresser – was the same. I learnt a lot from her.

When I managed the agnes b. stores on Marylebone High Street, Fulham Road and on the Oxford high street, I loved visual merchandising. Creating window displays that made people stop in their tracks was a great feeling.

When it comes to home displays there are no rules. Your home is the place to express yourself and if something makes you happy then I say go for it! So today I am sharing my five home display tips.


1. Firstly, remove everything from the surface you’re going to style and give it a dust down.

2. Decide on the focus or theme. Do you have a colour in mind? Or an object you’d like to show off? Maybe you’ve been inspired by something in a magazine. Or perhaps you simply fancy a change. Whatever your motivation, it’s good to have a starting point.

3. Begin arranging your things and don’t forget to take objects from all over your home. Think about seasonal items, for example, fir cones or garden flowers. Remember you can move everything as often as you wish, just try different arrangements and have fun.

4. If things aren’t working perhaps group them in threes, especially objects of different heights. And try to use things of the same colour or texture. On my shelf, I’ve included terracotta, concrete, ceramic glaze and wood, which are linked by splashes of greenery. Plants and flowers soften and unite a display.

5. Keep moving things until you’re happy, then step back to see how it looks. When you’re content put away the excess and don’t be tempted to ruin your masterpiece with clutter!


My displays are for this month’s Styling the Seasons, run by Katy and Charlotte. Styling the Seasons involves taking a surface in your home and dressing it to represent the month and what it means to you.

I hope to make this is a regular feature so please feel free to join in if you have time, I’d love to see how you’ve styled August.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely day!

5 Home Display Tips | Home Display Tips |

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  • Reply Dulcie 21st August 2015 at 1:32 pm

    I love the trailing houseplant, what pretty shaped leaves! x

    • Candy Pop
      Reply Candy Pop 21st August 2015 at 7:51 pm

      Thank you Dulcie, they’re tiny hearts!

  • Reply Victoria 21st August 2015 at 3:23 pm

    I hope you’ll be approving of all the changes I’m making in my living room at the moment! I’m sure it wont be as minimalist as your lovely home but it’s definitely becoming more spacious!

    Victoria x

    • Candy Pop
      Reply Candy Pop 21st August 2015 at 7:51 pm

      Thank you Victoria, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  • Reply Ingrid 21st August 2015 at 8:54 pm

    For some strange reason, your new posts don’t show up anymore in my Blogger reading list… Luckily you mentionned on IG there was a new post ! Do you think this has something to do with the restyling of your blog ? Or is Blogger just angry at you 😉 ?

    PS still love those Hus & Hem birds 🙂 !

    • Candy Pop
      Reply Candy Pop 21st August 2015 at 8:59 pm

      Hi Ingrid! It’s because I have moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. You can follow via Bloglovin’ if you have an account. Have a great weekend!

      • Reply Ingrid 3rd September 2015 at 5:46 pm

        I always forget to check my bloglovin account… Oops…

        • Candy Pop
          Reply Candy Pop 3rd September 2015 at 9:53 pm

          Not to worry! 🙂

  • Reply Katy 25th August 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Wow – these photographs are stunning; so crystal clear! I love what you have used to style that sweet shelf. I’m quite in love with the String of Hearts vine and I’ve used it in my July and August posts. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! xx

    • Candy Pop
      Reply Candy Pop 25th August 2015 at 8:54 pm

      Thank you so much Katy. My string of hearts vine was a birthday gift from my man, I hope I can keep it alive!

      I’m already looking forward to joining in again next month!

  • Reply Claire (@Kurea_San) 25th August 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Thanks for the advice – I’m always looking for ways to make my London flat feel a little more homely. Question – what do you do with your things when they’re not on display? Store them ore recycle?
    Claire xx

    • Candy Pop
      Reply Candy Pop 25th August 2015 at 8:56 pm

      Thank you Claire. Some extras go to charity and others are in a box in my cupboard – it depends how much I love the items!

  • Reply Rachel 18th November 2016 at 9:48 pm

    Great tips and I love your displays!

    • Candy Pop
      Reply Candy Pop 19th November 2016 at 8:41 am

      Thank you, Rachel.

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